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​BBC Scotland &  Grampian TV Programmes

In 1971 Stuart joined the newly forming BBC Scotland Documentary and General Features Department. Soon to be based in Aberdeen, he spent many happy years there working with Series Producer Mike Marshall.


As a BBC Ealing trained Film Editor he was there to edit award winning series such as "Breathing Space" before continuing as Programme Director on television series and programmes such as the 70 min  special "Yes, But What Do You Do All Winter?" and the BBC Glasgow Arts Programme about Tom Steel and his animated film "Tam O' Shanter",  this was followed by "The Food Programme"  (which started life as a ground breaking BBC Scotland television series). Stuart then directed "The Beechgrove Garden" (the early and hugely successful seasons with George and Jim). Stuart worked with television successes such as Derek Cooper, Ian Cuthbertson, Rikki Fulton and Gordon Jackson


Finding himself very much at home in his Highland croft, during winter he would often have to commute the 30 miles into the BBC in his own snow plough, he generated his own electricity and was never more content than when battling through, or skiing over major snow drifts. He has strong empathy with fellow Highlanders and with mountain dwellers in general, and has made television programmes around the world with them.


Moving to Grampian Television (ITV) he worked on The Electric Theatre Show (including the Hollywood special) and produced and directed the documentary trilogy Apart from Oil  (See British Film Iinstitute listing).

Stuart continued to work with BBC Scotland television as a Paris based, freelance fixer and cameraman shooting throughout Europe for such series as "Eorpa" and BBC Scotland Sport..


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